Tuesday, February 16, 2010

"Personally I Think Abortion is Wrong, but..."

Hazy Coastline
I find it interesting when I hear a person say "Personally, I think abortion is wrong, but I'm not going to prevent others from having one." The first thing I wonder is why they personally think abortion is wrong? Why is abortion a wrong choice for them? What do they think is so wrong or bad about an abortion that they wouldn't have one?

The second thing I wonder is why they wouldn't want to prevent someone else from having an abortion? If they think abortion is bad for them personally, wouldn't they want to protect others from abortion? It would be interesting to know if people that hold this viewpoint support laws that prevent born human beings from killing other human beings. If they do, aren't they're preventing others from committing murder? Why do they think it's ok to legally prevent born human beings from killing other born human beings, but think it's wrong to legally prevent born human beings from killing preborn human beings?

Are people that hold this viewpoint being open minded, or are they straddling the fence on the abortion issue? What do you think?

Friday, February 5, 2010

Every Life is a Miracle

No matter what the circumstances are in which a human life is conceived, each life is a miracle from God. Even though it might not be immediately apparent to us, God has a plan and purpose for each human life. Children that may not be what we consider "normal" are still special, and are a blessing from God. Nobody should assume that such people are going to have a bad life. Only God knows what is in store for them. Many people don't realize that children and adults with special challenges often times help others to grow and become better people.

The following is a music video by Bruce Carroll called "Sometimes Miracles Hide". It's a beautiful song about how children are miracles, even though we may not see it or realize it. I hope the video touches your heart, as it did mine. A specal thanks to my Twitter friend Stephanie for sharing this video with me.