Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Proper Birthday Celebration

Earlier today I took part in an event near my home called a "Life Chain", where people protest abortion by standing side-by-side along a busy street holding signs with pro-life messages. I especially wanted to take part in the Life Chain today of all days, because it's my birthday, and what better way to celebrate my birthday than to show support for the right of unborn children to have a birthday? On this day, I received the best birthday present I've been given so far: both of my sons took part in the Life Chain with me. It was definitely a "proud papa" moment.


  1. F#cking crazy nut jobs! And to think you are proud of your kids participating in such a heinous act is incredibly disturbing on many levels!

  2. Anonymous - Standing next to a busy street holding signs encouraging people to respect life and protect innocent unborn children is a "heinous act"? What is truly disturbing is when people think that killing an unborn child is "health care". Now THAT'S disturbing.


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