Saturday, June 9, 2012

Abortion - The Symptom of a Deeper Problem

I firmly believe, and have publicly stated on several occasions, that abortion is only the symptom of a bigger problem. It is not the root of the problem. Actually, it's probably the symptom of several problems in our society. 

One of the root problems that leads to abortion is a lack of sexual morality. Many people view sex as a recreational activity that any consenting person can have with any consenting person. The procreative aspect of the sex act has become a foreign concept to many. As a result, there are many people having sex who have no desire to have children. Some of those having sex actually have an aversion to having children. Some wouldn't mind getting pregnant, but are in no financial position to have a child. There are some who are having sex who have no business having sex, such as underage children or unmarried college students. Having sex in these situations is a recipe for disaster. It's like playing Russian roulette, but instead of the person pointing the gun at their own head, they point it at the head of any child they might conceive.

Another root cause that leads to abortion is a lack of support by society for women experiencing unwanted or unexpected pregnancies. When a girl experiences an unwanted pregnancy, often times her family ostracizes her, instead of providing her with the support and understanding she needs. Outside of the family, there are organizations like Planned Parenthood that are quick to offer abortion as a solution to the "problem". There aren't enough people who are willing to offer their time, talents and treasures to help women in these most difficult circumstances to give life to their child, and support the child afterwards. One of the things I want to accomplish in my life is to do more to help women experiencing crisis pregnancies.

I believe that the solution to the abortion issue will involve a combination of actions. Above all, the best thing we can do to make abortion unwanted is to work tirelessly to increase the morality of society. The way we do that is to stop hiding our Catholic faith under a bushel basket and share it with others. Our faith is a pearl of great price, and we do people a great disservice by not sharing it with them. Our faith has the answer to so many of the problems people face in life. Getting people to understand that sex is a beautiful thing that is meant for a husband and wife only would greatly reduce many sexually related issues, including STD's and abortions. Getting people to understand the negative effect that contraception use has on society will also greatly reduce many sexually related issues, and also strengthen marriages. Helping people to understand the Christian concept of selflessness and self-sacrifice will enable more families to support their daughters when they find themselves in crisis pregnancy situations. Teaching our young people to abstain from sex until marriage will result in less STD's and abortions. Opposing same-sex marriage will strengthen the institution of marriage, and enable more children to experience their right to be raised by both a mother and a father.

While we're working to make the things mentioned above happen, we must make abortion illegal. We have no choice. Killing an innocent unborn child is never the solution, and should never be legitimized by being given a legal status. As I said before, we can't just make it illegal and do nothing to help women in crisis pregnancy situations. We must do the other things I mentioned above at the same time.

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  1. Very good article. The heart of people need to change so abortion isn't even thought of as an alternative and when it is there will be so much support the other good alternatives will be the norm.
    I feel very frustrated with the prolife movement because most continue to ignore the importance of "The Sanctity of Life Act" which defines life at the moment of conception at the Federal Level. Steve Stockman introduced this bill in 1995 and Ron Paul reintroduced it 4 times. This bill would be the best foundation for the protection of the unborn. I hope you will read this and can possibly be able to spread the message of this very important bill. Thanks for your courage and faith in sharing The very beautiful teachings of the faith! is constitutionally sound.


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