Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Abortion and Self-Sacrifice: A Contradiction in Terms

It isn't possible for the killing a defenseless unborn human baby via abortion to be a valid solution to any problem. There are alternatives, but they require something called self-sacrifice. The concept of self-sacrifice is foreign to many people in society today. We live in a society in which hardship is something to be avoided at all cost, not embraced. The idea that "good things are hard to come by" seems almost ridiculous to many people.

If a woman were to be required by law to endure a nine month pregnancy for the sake of her unborn child, there are people who would claim that the woman is being "forced" through the pregnancy, or forced to be an "incubator" or "broodmare". These terms are used to put a negative spin on laws that would make abortion illegal. The simple truth of the matter is that a woman required by law to endure nine months of pregnancy would be required to perform an act of self-sacrifice by enduring nine months of pregnancy to spare her unborn child's life. Sure, she's being forced by law to do something she may not want to do, but it is to save a human life. It would be unfortunate if any woman would have to be legally required to spare her own child's life, but not everyone realizes the intrinsic value that each human life has.

Abortion rights supporters make nine months of pregnancy sound like an eternity, but fail to realize that nine months is a relatively short time compared to a lifetime. This isn't to say that nine months of pregnancy is a walk in the park, either. After witnessing my wife go through four pregnancies, I'm well aware that pregnancy is a hardship for women. I am also aware that there are women that are in extremely difficult circumstances, such as those who are pregnant as the result of rape.

So what is the solution? Is the solution to abort the child, ending not only the child's life, but the lives of an entire line of human beings? Or is the solution for us as a society to rally around such a woman and provide her with support that will enable her to endure 9 months of pregnancy to give life to her child? I propose that the solution is the latter, not the former. Ending a human being's life is never, ever, a valid solution to any problem. With life, there is hope, and anything is possible.

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