Thursday, December 2, 2010

Read All About It: Announcing the Roamin' Catholic Daily

Earlier today I discovered a cool web site called where you can create a free online newspaper that generates its content from Twitter. You can create a newspaper based on content from a particular Twitter user and the people that he or she follows, from a Twitter hash tag, or from a Twitter list.

I created a newspaper today called the Roamin' Catholic Daily. Catchy name, huh? The content of the paper consists of articles tweeted by myself and the people I follow. So, if a person I follow posts a tweet with a link to an article on, for example, the article will appear on my newspaper. Way cool. I was quite pleased with the first edition. The quality of the articles featured reveals the quality of the people I follow.

If you'd like to check out the newspaper, go to If you like it, feel free to subscribe. :)


  1. VERY cool! Kinda like @bayouchild's Pro Life Daily.

  2. FYI - I just tried to follow your link and it said that newspaper had been deleted.

  3. Stephanie - Sorry about that. I changed the web address of the paper recently, and forgot to update the link on my post. The link is up-to-date now. The new address is: Peace be with you!


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