Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Abortion is a Black & White Issue

After I went to bed last night, a person on Twitter sent me a post stating that the abortion issue is not black and white, which I interpret to mean that abortion is a very complex issue. Here is my response:

I believe that abortion is black and white issue that people do their best to complicate. The abortion debate boils down to one simple question: Is the human fetus a human being that has the right to life? If the fetus is a human being, killing it is a crime. It's a scientific and logical fact that a fetus is a human being in an early stage of development. To say that a fetus is anything else but a human being has no basis in science, reason, or logic. It is a fact that the killing of a human being is murder. Therefore, abortion is murder and should be made illegal.

There are a variety of reasons why women seek abortions. I'm certain that many, if not most, women who seek abortions are in very difficult situations, and I feel for them. However, no matter how difficult the situation is, the fact remains that the fetus inside the woman is a human being that has the right to live, just as much as the mother has the right to live. Nothing justifies killing the unborn child. Nothing. The rights of both the mother and the unborn child can and should be respected. Rather than allow abortion to remain legal, we need to make it illegal and find ways to help women with unwanted pregnancies.

Sounds pretty black and white to me.


  1. Being made of human DNA is not the same thing as being a "person," here meaning "entitled to the rights and responsibilities of citizens." The question is actually "Is a zygote, embryo or fetus a person?"

    What ways do you suggest for helping women with unwanted pregnancies, or for reducing the amount of unwanted pregnancies?

  2. Hezaa - Thanks for the response. If a fetus is made of human DNA, but not a person entitled to the rights and responsibilities of citizens, what is it? Maybe I'm misunderstanding what you're trying to say.

    Here are some ways I can think of to help women w/ unwanted pregnancies:

    1. Provide quality counseling services that help women deal with the mental, emotional, and physical stress that comes with an unwanted pregnancy.

    2. Provide a place for women with unwanted pregnancies to stay if they are kicked out of their house.

    3. Provide information regarding positive, life affirming alternatives to abortion.

    4. Provide financial assistance to women who can't afford pre-natal care and childbirth.

    Here are some ways I can think of to help reduce the amount of unwanted pregnancies:

    1. Provide classes to teens and adults that stress the benefits of waiting until marriage to have sex.

    2. Find ways to instill in people the value of monogamous sex.

    3. Educate young people concerning the financial ramifications of having children.

    4. Find ways to help people to understand that sex is procreational, not just recreational.

    5. Find ways to help people to understand that unborn children are innocent and helpless, and deserve to be protected.

    I could go on and on, but I think you get the picture. :)

  3. Good debate, other person whose internet handle resembles my own. I wish I was as well spoken as this other, "Hezaa" or へザー。


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