Sunday, December 13, 2009

My Favorite Christmas Carol - Star Carol

This is a YouTube video of one of my most favorite Christmas carols of all time, Star Carol. What makes this particular version of Star Carol so incredibly special to me is that it is the very same recording I listened to on my parent's record player (remember those?) when I was a child. This recording was done by an artist named Anna Maria Alberghetti on a Goodyear Christmas album. In this recording you can hear the same pops and clicks that I remember hearing when I used to listen to LP records. The noise is caused by the diamond needle coming in contact with dust on the record. Kids that have never listened to music on LP records have no idea how good CD's really are! A special thanks to my sister Linda for giving me the link to this video. I tried to find it a week or two ago, but couldn't. I hope you enjoy the beauty and tenderness of this wonderful carol.

If you have trouble launching the video, click here.

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