Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Is a Fetus a Blessing, or a Violation? Take the Poll!

If a woman has consentual sex and gets pregnant, what do you think the resulting fetus is?


  1. Both A and B is the pro-choice position in a nutshell. This was a good poll.

  2. For a woman in a crisis pregnancy situation, it would be difficult for her to see the baby as a blessing. The baby will certainly be a blessing to the adoptive parents but the birth mother may very well experience a painful grieving process, especially if she has chosen "closed" adoption. But, unlike abortion, in which the life of her child is ended, adoption has given her child the chance at a good life. For many birth mothers, this is helpful to the healing process - knowing that they've given their child the gift of life. God will indeed bless them for that. But we mustn't overlook the women who have suffered for decades after placing a child for adoption. Prevention is the best cure! If there's no unwanted pregnancy, then there's no heart-wrenching decisions to be made.


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